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DevOps Testing

In the classic (waterfall) project, testing is carried out as a phase shortly before roll-out. This puts pressure on quality assurance which often turns out to be a bottleneck. In the agile approach, testing is therefore integrated into the development (shift-left). DevOps goes one step further. Testing takes place not only during development, but throughout the entire software lifecycle.

Only a fast and continuous quality feedback across the entire DevOps pipeline – from requirements to deployment – enables both time-to-market and software quality to be continuously improved. The greatest possible automation of functional and non-functional tests at all levels is essential.

DevOps Testing

Our services include:

  • DevOps Strategy
  • Test Automation
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Continuous Testing
  • Lean IT
  • Training and Workshops

DevOps Strategy

Based on an assessment/fitness-check of your DevOps and testing setup, we identify strengths and weaknesses. We then work with you to create a prioritized catalogue of improvement actions that lists processes, tools and practices that add value to your DevOps testing. We work with you to develop a suitable strategy and support you in its implementation with all of our knowledge, at management, team and employee level.

  • DevOps assessment/fitness check
  • Prioritisation and roadmap of improvements
  • Definition of the organization and processes
  • Support of the implementation at management, team and employee level

Test Automation

Test automation is often neglected in many companies. This usually has to do with the fact that earlier test automation projects have failed. A stringent design of the automation framework and a continuous build-up of automation – already during development – are essential success factors. Relevant and suitable tests must be selected and designed. Thus, testing can be extended to include the development of test automation. For this you need specialists whose know-how helps you to optimize the costs for development and maintenance of automated tests.

  • Proof of concept of a test automation pipeline / automation concept
  • Evaluation of test tools and development of the framework
  • API/GUI test automation

Load and Performance Testing

If a software does what the customer wants from a functional point of view, the impression could arise that the software fulfils its purpose. Nonetheless, this software can be of little use if the non-functional aspects have been neglected during development. Especially bad performance, along with poor usability, is a factor that has a strong impact on customer satisfaction.

To identify performance bottlenecks, we conduct a lightweight performance assessment. Using selective load and stress tests, we analyze the behavior of the software to predict potential problems in real-time operation. Performance optimization is a continuous process and requires regular maintenance and repetition of load and performance tests, in which we support you.

  • Performance Assessment
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Continuous Performance Monitoring

Continuous Testing

The DevOps team is by definition a cross-functional team, which is responsible for the software quality as a whole. To make this possible, testing must be fully integrated and cover all stages of the DevOps pipeline. To ensure this holistic view, we consider the entire value stream from the user story to the monitoring on the production system. This allows us to work with the team to integrate automated testing in the right places and with the right tools. With manual, exploratory tests, the embedded testers lay the foundation for a solid automation of regression tests.

  • Review of DevOps Toolchain
  • Selection of suitable test tools
  • Integration of automated functional and non-functional tests in DevOps pipeline (CI/CD)
  • Embedded Testing

Lean IT

In CALMS, the concept for the integration of Dev and Ops, L stands for Lean. This is no coincidence, as one of the most important metrics in DevOps is the lead time of changes.  This requires an analysis of the entire value stream from requirements to deployment along the entire DevOps pipeline, regardless of organizational silos and technical constraints. Lean provides the necessary tools such as Muda, Kaizen and DMAIC. We support you in identifying waste and continuously improving your IT processes.

  • Value stream (value stream) analysis
  • Support in recognizing and reducing organizational & technical debt
  • Continuous process improvement along the DevOps pipeline

Training and Workshops

SwissQ offers a wide range of training courses and workshops in the areas of Agile, Requirements and (DevOps) Testing, including

  • DevOps Fundamentals
  • DevOps Test Engineer
  • Lean IT Foundation
  • ISTQB Test Automation Engineer

You can find the complete course offer under Academy.