Agile Testing

We practise agile methods, in the team on the spot!

Many companies are experiencing difficulties when it comes to the question of testing within the context of agile and scrum. SwissQ has been working with agile methods and scrum for years and provides this experience. Clients can use our agile and embedded scrum testers, organise their test automation in scrum projects with us, look for a scrum & testing coach, or be accompanied by us during the implementation of agile processes and testing within the company processes.

Agile Testing Framework:

Agile Testing Poster


Our services include:

  • Testing with embedded sprint testing (including resources)
  • How do I test within Scrum?
  • Continuous integration and regression testing
  • Test automation
  • Integration of Scrum in waterfall organisations
  • Business Value/Priority Poker
  • Prioritization/Testability of user stories
  • Coaching for “Agile testing with Scrum”