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Agile Testing

Many companies are struggling with the question of how to deal with the issue of testing in the context of agility. The familiar agile frameworks such as SAFe or Scrum do not mention testing at all or only marginally. That is why SwissQ has developed the Agile Testing Framework, which is continuously being adapted according to the latest insights. In doing so, we benefit from the knowledge and experience of our employees, who support our customers in agile projects.

According to Scrum, agile teams are interdisciplinary and as a team have all the skills necessary to create a product increment. The integration of test experts (embedded testing) is a proven approach to strengthen the testing skills in the team and at the same time enable the remaining team members to deliver built-in-quality. Due to the short iterations and the demand for a potentially shippable product increment at all times, the importance of automating build, integration and test is increasing.

Due to the complexity of today’s systems, more than one team (whether agile or traditional) is usually involved in the development of a solution, and often external systems must also be integrated. This leads to an expanding use of scaled agile approaches (e.g. SAFe), which require a comprehensive coordination of test activities. An agile Test Manager (Test Master) can take over these tasks and, together with the teams, ensure that the prerequisites for a comprehensive end-to-end test are in place.

Our services include:

  • Setup of Agile Testing
  • Testing in an agile team (Embedded Testing)
  • Test Automation
  • Testing in scaled and/or hybrid development
  • Agiles Test Management / Test Master

Agile Testing Framework

SwissQ has gained a lot of experience with the setup of agile testing in supporting agile transformations on the level of team agility (Scrum, Kanban, …) and level scaled agility (SAFe, LeSS, …).

Agile Testing Framework

This has been taken into account in our Agile Testing Framework, which covers the topic from different perspectives:

  • Agile Test Strategy
  • Testing in an agile team (Embedded Testing)
  • Cross-team testing (Scaled Agile Testing)
  • Agile and DevOps Testing

The framework can be downloaded here.