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Our specialists know all the pitfalls in testing. That’s why we know exactly what to watch out for in different projects and project phases.

  • We strive for appropriate and result-oriented testing approaches to meet your requirements.
  • Be it unit testing or acceptance testing, our consultants master their testing craftsmanship perfectly. They impart their experience and knowledge both to agile and to sequential development (projects?)
  • We are testing experts. That’s why we move confidently and professionally in the full range of systematic and unsystematic testing.
  • We know fundamental test processing in its theoretic simplicity. We know how to integrate its basics principals into all development techniques
  • Being part of a Scrum team, embedded testers fight bugs and defects right at their roots.


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Marc Imfeld

Continuous Discovery

Continuous Discovery – Diese Ansätze und Tipps verhelfen deinem Unternehmen zu mehr Innovationsfähigkeit! Wer kennt es nicht: Ständig neue Produktfeatures, Geschäftsmodelle, veränderte Produktversionen, Upgrades oder neue Services. […]