By October 2023, «SwissQ | part of Xebia» will become «Xebia Switzerland».

Management Team

Management Team

Adrian Zwingli, Chairman

Adrian Zwingli has extensive entrepreneurial and technological experience. The focus of his activities is on: Digital Disruption and Transformation, modern and agile organizational forms, High Performance Leadership and Entrepreneurship. In addition to his passion as Chairman of SwissQ, Adrian teaches at various universities, technical colleges and executive schools on the topics of digitalisation, leadership and agility. He holds an MBA in General Management and leads the IMD High Performance Leadership Alumni in Zurich. His personal mantra is “Why not now”.

Silvio Moser, CTO

Silvio Moser is the co-founder of SwissQ. He has built and further developed the company with Adrian Zwingli since 2006. In his career spanning over 20 years, he got to know software development in its entire diversity: as a developer, business analyst, tester, and project leader. He has worked in various consulting and management positions in software quality assurance since 1997, including head of the test competence centre of a major corporation. As CTO, he takes care of the proper functioning of the infrastructure of the company, and supports his colleagues in the development of new services and training courses. He is a management consultant and continues to work as a speaker as well. Silvio holds a Swiss federal diploma in business informatics and a master in business process engineering.

Reto Maduz, COO und Head Cloud Services

Reto Maduz war als COO und Head Service für die operative Führung und den Aufbau des SwissQ Geschäftsbereichs Consulting mit den Business Units Agile, Requirements Engineering, Testing und Quality Engineering verantwortlich. Seit Ende 2022 treibt er den Cloud Services Bereich von Xebia Switzerland voran und ist zudem Chairman des Cloud Leadership Days. Vor SwissQ und Xebia Switzerland war Reto Maduz als Business Unit Leiter bei Zühlke und Software Entwickler, Qualitätsmanager sowie Projektleiter bei verschiedenen internationalen Konzernen tätig.

Reto Maduz studierte Elektrotechnik HTL mit Fachrichtung Computertechnik an der HSR, schloss ein Nachdiplomstudium Dienstleistungsmanagement an der PHW als Wirtschaftsingenieur FH ab und bildete sich unter anderem am IMD in Lausanne sowie an der London School of Economics and Political Science weiter. Er ist als Management Berater in diversen Kundenmandaten tätig, hat die SwissICT Fachgruppe Lean, Agile & Scrum mitgegründet und doziert an der Uni Bern, an der HSG sowie an der HSLU zu Themen der Agile SW Entwicklung, Agile IT Beschaffung und Cloud Themen.