By October 2023, «SwissQ | part of Xebia» will become «Xebia Switzerland».


SwissQ Consulting AG

Mission & Vision

  • We at SwissQ believe in successful projects and products. Project delays, escalating costs, and scope creep need not be the case.
  • We believe that these goals can be achieved by the conscious and efficient adoption of the twin disciplines requirements engineering and testing, in combination with agile methods.
  • We are convinced that this can be done at no additional cost and substantially higher customer and team satisfaction.

We achieve this by measures on different levels.

Unification of the Community

Only the further development of the community to a higher level of maturity and professionalism allows organisations to sustainably improve. For this, companies and the various specialists need to network more intensely, and to exchange and share their knowledge and experiences. Therefore, SwissQ – in the name of the community – is organising independent platforms such as,, and their respective evening events, which are considered the largest IT specialists’ conferences in Switzerland.

The Advancement of the Specialists

To achieve higher maturity and professionalism, co-workers have to constantly grow and develop. With SwissQ Academy we support the professional advancement of each individual. State of the art trainings, international certifications, and courses from the field and for the field will help co-workers and teams become more efficient and effective step by step.

The Evolution of the Market

To better follow the path of success, we have to define the current position. Therefore, SwissQ is collecting key data from various industrial sectors every year to give insight into the current situation, problems and challenges, cost allocation, trends, and strategies. On the basis of the various reports it is shown where the Swiss IT Community stands and which trends are on the lookout.

The Optimisation of the Businesses

A higher level of maturity and professionalism can only be achieved if businesses, their projects and processes improve as a whole. SwissQ offers experience, knowledge, methods, and the necessary experts to achieve this. We assess in a short and effective way, how mature your business is and where the improvement potentials lie. This leads to a roadmap which shows how to realize these potentials. By applying a step-by-step approach, the benefits are highly visible. Seasoned SwissQ specialists are available on site to accompany the measures taken so that they will be successful in the long term. This is what we stand for.

The Direct Collaboration

The success of a project is based on suitable collaborators, appropriate skills, and the right partner. SwissQ provides specialists at various levels of expertise, who can help you to accomplish your project goals. The SwissQ specialists do not just take on individual tasks but can help to optimize the use of procedures and methods directly in the project, thereby ensuring an efficient and effective way of working.

We are here to help you reach your goals!

Part of Xebia

In January 2022, SwissQ joined forces with the globally operating IT consulting company Xebia. For SwissQ, this offers offshore and nearshore capacities. It also provides access to a total of 4000 technical experts worldwide in the areas of Data, AI, Cloud, DevOps, SRE as well as software development. The partnership also extends Xebia’s geographic reach to Switzerland.