By October 2023, «SwissQ | part of Xebia» will become «Xebia Switzerland».

Product Ownership

The role of the product owner is becoming more and more prevalent not only in agile but also in hybrid and traditional projects. This requires not only mastery of new methodologies and techniques, but also a good degree of self-organisation. The PO’s area of responsibility goes far beyond requirement engineering and backlog management. Especially in agile projects, rolling product planning as well as user and stakeholder management becomes a continuous activity.

In order for the product owner not to become the bottleneck of the team, efficient and effective processes are needed that do justice to agility and help to avoid bottlenecks – thanks to the art of thinking small. We are happy to support and coach your Product Owner and your team and to guide them in overcoming the challenges. We do this with the following goals in mind:

  • Increasing the added value of the product incrementally
  • Developing the product owner and the teams sustainably

We pay special attention to the definition and application of lean processes and methods in requirements engineering, effective stakeholder and backlog management and rolling product planning. After all, the PO should be “on top of the backlog”. We establish methodology & processes with coaching, training and the PO toolbox, tailored to your needs, of course. A good starting point for this is our Product Engineering Assessment, which allows us to identify the pain points and implement appropriate actions.

PO as a Product Hero

Our services include

  • Coaching of Product Owner
  • Product Owner ad-interim
  • Prioritisation and approval of epics, features and user stories
  • Definition of viable backlog items and acceptance criteria
  • Product planning & roadmapping
  • Shaping & defining a product vision and product goals
  • Integration & definition of an effective stakeholder management
  • Product Engineering assessment
  • Coaching and training