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Product Engineering

Over the last few years, the perception of IT systems has changed. Whereas they used to be a process supporting tool, today they are an essential part of the business success of your company and, thanks to the digitalisation of many services and platforms, can be seen as products in their own right.

To be successful, a continuous and product-focused approach is needed that puts the needs of customers and our internal stakeholders at the centre. These needs are merely unused opportunities for your product, which you can discover, design and implement thanks to Product Engineering. Resulting in an increase in market share.

Product Engineering is the solution that puts the Digital Product at the heart of your activities. Early and continuous validation with the end-users not only ensures the success of the product, but also the commercial success and promotes a culture of innovation.

We support you in establishing a product-oriented organisation, coach your product managers and product owners in the implementation and ensure that the framework fits your organisation, regardless of whether you are already product-oriented, in the process of transformation or just thinking about it. This not only benefits your employees, but also the company in the long term.

Product Engineering

Product Discovery

Continuous innovation is the goal and product discovery is the way.

The objective is on the one hand to find out who the customers are, and on the other hand which problems / needs the potential users and user groups have. In order to implement these after validation of the solution options and make them available to the users..

Product Design

Product design is concerned with the solution space.

Different solution options are developed and validated in close cooperation with the customers in order to implement the most suitable solution. The business processes are modelled and optimised to ensure a lean execution for the users. The user experience with all its facets is an essential part of the product design and must not be neglected.

For the implementation, the functional requirements for the product (the WHAT) are determined and documented without neglecting the technical feasibility.

Product Delivery

The goal of the Product Delivery is to create a high quality product increment.
To achieve this, the right priorities must be set and the requirements must be provided at the right time and in the right granularity (INVEST). Especially in focus is a good and direct communication to avoid misunderstandings and to deliver the solution design correctly & in the desired quality at the first go.

Our services include

  • Design of a customised product engineering approach
  • Assessment of the current set-up
  • Support in the establishment of a product organisation
    or parts thereof (discovery, design, delivery)
  • Product coaching
  • Training