We offer coaching beyond mere instructions to challenge yourself.

Our coaching services are based on four pillars aiming to generate continuous business value. We do not want you to depend on us but to empower you to constant learning.

  • Our service’s first pillar is SwissQ Academy. We offer the professional fundamentals (ISTQB and IREB) in combination with practice-oriented examples. SwissQ Academy puts your professional plans on solid ground.
  • Mentoring, the second pillar, supports you to transform your theoretical knowledge into practical experience. We instruct, identify gaps and, if needed, roll up our sleeves and support you hands-on.
  • The actual coaching is our service’s third pillar and will take you even one step further. Our coaches enable you to find your own answers. Self-sustainability and empowerment are the focus of our coaching.
  • Consulting is our fourth pillar. We are your professional partner in terms of successfull project implementation. We support your business by committed team work and direct co-operation.