By October 2023, «SwissQ | part of Xebia» will become «Xebia Switzerland».


We know how complex & demanding the design of digital products is. That’s why we support you from the idea to the implementation with our distinctive expertise in requirements engineering, business analysis, product ownership and product management.

  • As trainers & coaches, our experts provide you with the necessary knowledge on the basis of sound theory, supplemented with a great deal of practical experience.
  • For our Business Analysts & Business Engineers, BPMN and UML are more than just nice abbreviations. They analyze, optimize and establish your processes or take care of thorough organizational and solution concepts.
  • We have in-depth knowledge of classic & agile requirements engineering, where we act as interpreters to ensure that business & IT understand each other. We know when to moderate, model, gather, specify, validate or negotiate and adapt our toolbox to the approach.
  • Our product coaches support and empower Product Managers & Product Owners in the design of your products and in building an effective product organization. We help you to focus on your customers and to establish continuous innovation in your company, in order to generate added value for you and your customers.
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Marc Imfeld

Continuous Discovery

Continuous Discovery – Diese Ansätze und Tipps verhelfen deinem Unternehmen zu mehr Innovationsfähigkeit! Wer kennt es nicht: Ständig neue Produktfeatures, Geschäftsmodelle, veränderte Produktversionen, Upgrades oder neue Services. […]