Our Requirements Engineers really are Requirements Engineers. We know how complex and demanding requirements engineers’ tasks are. That’s why we have a motivated team dealing with this topic exclusively.

  • As instructors, our seniors convey the necessary knowledge on the basis of well-founded theory together with our vast experience.
  • We are also familiar with classic requirements engineering. As translators we make sure that business and IT communicate efficiently. We know the whole repertoire of RE and know when we either have to moderate, model, elicit, specify, validate, or negotiate.
  • We have often and intensely used agile methods. We filled desks with story maps, we managed and developed task boards, and we cut user stories in a way that it generated added value.
  • We are not keeping our knowledge to ourselves. Being the organiser of the biggest Requirements Engineering Conference in Switzerland, we seek to take forward the community and share our knowledge.


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Nadine Anderson, Product Owner Conferences

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