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PMF Launches with INSEAD New Product Management Executive Programme

Iulia Porneala, Product Manager @Product Management Festival

Product Management Festival and INSEAD launch Product Management Executive Programme.

In the recent years the importance of qualitative products which serve customer needs as best as possible, has become evident. In a world of competition, where every day there are new startups launched and new products appear, the customer has a wider choice more than ever. Product-led companies, like Google, Facebook or Apple have a proven success track and others have realized the difference made by product management.

The new organizational role has rising up and more and more companies opening up product management departments and given product managers the central role in their organizations.  Product managers have a rewarding task of working on the product and bringing together the feedback of the customers, the needs of the market to the resources of the companies to build the best possible products. The challenge of this role comes from the fact that there is not official authority in it. Given the relative recent history of the role we have realized there is a need for education, especially at executive level. Product management leaders’ need for a professional tailored education to help them lead their teams into building the next generation products become evident. That is the reason why Product Management Festival (conference organized by SwissQ) teamed up with INSEAD (one of the world’s leading business schools with campuses in Europe, Asia and Middle East) to launch Product Management Executive Programme.

This is a 5-day executive education programme that will be offered at the Europe campus in Fontainebleau, France in June 2018 and the Asia campus in Singapore in September 2018, PMEP will provide current and rising product management (PM) executives the skills and knowledge critical to their success.

The new programme is designed to help executives grow in their roles through a variety of delivery methods coming from both organisations. Adrian Zwingli, Chairman and co-founder of Product Management Festival (PMF) said:

As product executives advance in their careers, they have to focus more on topics such as influencing and shaping organisations, leading without authority, communicating at the board level, and more. A standard PM education is insufficient at this point. So we looked for a partner with teaching and case experience at the executive level, and knew Professor Askin and INSEAD would be the right fit for us.

For the leadership and organisational management aspects of the programme, INSEAD assistant professor of organisational behavior, Noah Askin, will guide the executives through a process designed to help them better understand their leadership style, to prepare them to use their leadership more effectively and responsibly, and to equip them to shape and navigate their organisation. He said:

We are really excited to work with Product Management Festival! We know that successful executives have an uncommon ability to impact the future direction of their organisation and we will focus on the skills they will need

The Product Management Executive Programme will take place throughout the year, with the initial offerings on 11-15 June, 2018 at the INSEAD Europe campus in Fontainebleau and 17-21 September, 2018 at their Asia campus in Singapore.

Interested parties can email or visit the Program Website for more information and to apply for the programme. Deadline for applications is 23rd of April.

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