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Professional Scrum with Kanban

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Language: EN
  • Certificate included

Discover how to improve flow for Scrum Teams and also maximize performance: Scrum makes you work more efficiently, while Kanban enhances the process to make your Scrum Team more productive. Our Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) training allows you to deepen your knowledge of Scrum and Kanban, expand your skills, and benefit from both worlds. Your Scrum-based focus remains on the process and the way your team collaborates. At the same time, Kanban’s transparent visualization methods help make better predictions with less effort, for both your team and your stakeholders. Kanban’s flow metrics can enhance the way you coach your team to uncover better ways to collaborate within the Scrum framework and provide an excellent alternative for Velocity and Story points. certificate included.

The 2-day training program is a mix of theory, case studies, and hands-on experience that will help you understand the importance of transparency and flow. The theoretical part of the course creates a solid foundation for learning how to integrate Kanban in a variety of Scrum practices. Its practical orientation ensures that you will be able to apply Kanban’s visualization methods more effectively. The training covers various aspects of working with Scrum and Kanban, like understanding and applying the Scrum framework, developing self-organizing teams, product management, and Kanban’s theory, principles, and practices.

What you will learn

  • How flow works within the context of Scrum.
  • Kanban practices your Scrum Team can adopt to help improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • How to use the appropriate Kanban practices without changing Scrum.
  • The value Kanban adds to Scrum’s focus on the process.
  • How Kanban lets you track Product Backlog items through the various stages of delivery.
  • How to analyze and visualize your workflow on a Kanban board.
  • Ways to use dataflow metrics for optimizing the Scrum process and team collaboration.
  • How to make better forecasts with less effort.
  • The skills to increase transparency, visibility, and improve team performance.


Who it’s for

  • Everyone using Scrum to deliver products to market
  • Scrum Masters aspiring to improve performance with flow techniques
  • Product Owners exploring the use of data to manage stakeholder expectations
  • Developers in need of reliable estimates
  • Kanban Practitioners looking for a better understanding of Scrum



  • You have sufficient Scrum knowledge or at least one year of practical experience with Scrum.
  • offers an open assessment entry test that allows you to assess your current knowledge of Scrum as well as Scrum with Kanban before registering.



The PSK exam (plus one retake, provided exam is taken within two weeks of completing course) and certificate are included in the training. The exam is taken online at your moment of choice.

After passing the PSK exam, you will:

  • receive a Professional Scrum with Kanban certificate
  • become a lifelong member of the community
  • be included in the global PSK credential holders database


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