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Professional Scrum Product Owner

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Language: EN
  • Certificate included

Product ownership is more than just taking care of a backlog. To maximize the value of your product, you need to know all aspects of product management. In this training, we start off with the basics: Agile Product Management, Value Driven Development and the Scrum Framework. After that we use practical examples to teach you how to successfully deliver your product by using Scrum principles, a Product Backlog and Release Management skills. Become a Professional Scrum Product Owner andmaximize the value of every sprint and your product.

What you will learn

  • Agile Product Management: all elements of Agile, from product vision to release planning
  • Product development: what is Emergent Software Development and what is a Technical Risk?
  • A dynamic Agile organization: learn how to make decisions using Evidence Based Management
  • Scrum Framework: how is the framework made up and why?
  • People and teams: working with self-managing teams


Who it’s for

  • You are responsible for new products or software development.
  • Or maybe you’re already a Product Owner or you have completed some basic product owner training and you’re ready to take the next step.
  • The PSPO training is perfect for anyone with a basic understanding of Scrum and product management.



The PSPO exam (plus one retake, provided the exam is taken without two weeks of completing the course) and certificate are included in the training. The exam is taken online at your moment of choice.

After passing the PSPO exam you will:

  • receive a Professional Scrum Product Owner certificate
  • become a lifelong member of the community
  • be included in the global Professional Scrum Product Owner database

After some years of experience and self study you can also get PSPO II certified after doing your assessment with


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