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Professional Agile Leadership Essentials (PAL-E)

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Language: EN
  • Certificate included


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You are on the eve of this major transformation: you want to implement the Agile way of working in your organization. But how do you go about this change? The Professional Agile Leadership Essentials training gives you all the tools you need to make a successful switch to Agile.

We start by exploring the Agile mindset. How does Agile work? What is it and why is it so important for organizations to keep thriving in dynamic times? We investigate the Agile benefits for your organization: how can it support innovation, increase customer satisfaction and improve financial results. After that, we take a practical deep-dive. You will learn the basics, such as how to set up and support a Scrum Team and implement Value Driven Development. This 2-day training teaches you how to tackle the transformation to an Agile way of working and get the most out of a Scrum Team. PAL I certificate included.

What you will learn

  • Agile way of working: an overview of what Agile is and why it helps organizations improve.
  • Agile benefits: what are the benefits of Agile? You will learn how to identify and qualify them.
  • Your role as Agile Leader: what is the difference between a traditional manager and an Agile leader?
  • Scrum Team: learn how to set up a Scrum Team and how to measure its success.
  • Value Driven Development: discover how to implement this way of product development.

Who it’s for

  • Managers who want to adopt Agile principles or will soon be responsible for a Scrum Team.


    • No prior knowledge of Agile or Scrum required.
  • Our Agile gurus will welcome you into the world of many different methodologies and frameworks. This will help you put together the best approach for your business.


The PAL I exam (plus one retake, provided the exam is taken within two weeks of finishing the course) and certificate are included in the training.

After passing the PAL I exam, you will:

  • receive a PAL I certificate
  • become a lifelong member of the community
  • be included in the global database of Professional Agile Leaders


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