Agile Facilitation

  • Agile
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Language: DE/EN

Short Description

What defines a collaborating team? Open communication, a clear goal, shared values and rules, a certain amount of difference, trust, appreciation, expertise – what else? Agile teams are expected to deliver maximum value in a dynamic environment and to continuously improve. They are usually accompanied by a facilitator, e.g. a Scrum Master when doing Scrum, to ensure that the process remains goal-oriented and dynamic – and does not turn into chaos. The facilitator is the guardian of the process, helps the team to improve itself and fosters cooperation both within and with the environment.

This course is aimed at people who want to reflect on their experience as facilitators and team coaches and expand their repertoire of methods. Participants clarify relations and success factors of successful teamwork, expand their knowledge about models, methods and tools in the areas of facilitation, coaching, continuous improvement and communication and gain new practical experience. In addition, they will reflect on possible roles as facilitators and be able to act according to the situation in order to effectively advance their team.

Get new inputs regarding the influence of role, context and team development stage, learn techniques for team building and problem solving, exchange ideas with your colleagues and take your tailor-made action plan home as a next step!


  • Role repertoire and attitude of the facilitator depending on context (e.g. team development stages, single vs. multi-person setting)
  • Facilitating agile events
  • Fostering self-organization
  • Problem solving and decision making techniques
  • Building agile teams (optimal composition, team building)
  • Special focus: Remote Teams
  • Creation of a personal action plan


Experience as facilitator in agile teams is required. Scrum Master Certification or equivalent knowledge.


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