SwissQ - Management Team

Management Team

Adrian Zwingli, Verwaltungsratspräsident

Adrian ZwingliAdrian Zwingli blickt auf eine umfassende unternehmerische und technologische Erfahrung zurück. Schwerpunkte seiner Tätigkeiten sind: Digitale Disruption und Transformation, moderne und agile Organisationsformen, High Performance Leadership und Entrepreneurship. Neben seiner Passion als Verwaltungsratspräsident von SwissQ lehrt Adrian an verschiedenen Universitäten, Fachhochschulen und Executive Schools zu den Themen Digitalisierung, Leadership und Agilität. Er besitzt ein MBA in General Management und führt die IMD High Performance Leadership Alumni in Zürich. Sein persönliches Mantra lautet „Why not now“.

Silvio Moser, CTO

Silvio_MoserSilvio Moser is the co-founder of SwissQ. He has built and further developed the company with Adrian Zwingli since 2006. In his career spanning over 20 years, he got to know software development in its entire diversity: as a developer, business analyst, tester, and project leader. He has worked in various consulting and management positions in software quality assurance since 1997, including head of the test competence centre of a major corporation. As CTO, he takes care of the proper functioning of the infrastructure of the company, and supports his colleagues in the development of new services and training courses. He is a management consultant and continues to work as a speaker as well. Silvio holds a Swiss federal diploma in business informatics and a master in business process engineering.

Reto Maduz, COO and Partner

Reto MaduzAs COO and Partner, Reto Maduz is in charge of the operational management of the SwissQ consulting division. Together with the executive board, he drives the growth of SwissQ. Before taking over his position as COO, he worked as a business unit manager at Zühlke and as a software developer, quality manager, and project leader at various international companies. He co-founded the Swiss ICT division “Lean, Agile & Scrum” in 2009, which by now has become the largest Agile community in Switzerland. Since 2012 he and his working group organizes the annual IT acquisition conference. He speaks on conferences, universities and as client trainer about agility, software engineering and IT acquisition. Reto Maduz studied electrical engineering HTL in the field of computer technology at HSR and completed his post graduate studies in the field of service management at PHW with a degree in business engineering FH.

Nicolas Fetscherin, Leiter SwissQ Bern

Nicolas-FetscherinNicolas Fetscherin ist als Leiter SwissQ Bern und Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung verantwortlich für den Ausbau und die Weiterentwicklung des Standorts Bern sowie der Region Mittelland. Vor dem Wechsel zur SwissQ war er 12 Jahre in der Geschäftsleitung und im Verwaltungsrat der e3 AG als Leiter Consulting und COO tätig. Zu seiner Haupttätigkeit gehörte der Aufbau des Standorts Bern sowie die Entwicklung verschiedener Geschäftsfelder und strategischer Partnerschaften. Vorher war Nicolas Fetscherin zunächst als Softwareentwickler und Architekt in der Schweiz und in den USA tätig, später folgten Beratermandate zu Themen wie IT Strategie, Business Analyse, Qualitätssicherung, Change Management und Digitale Transformation. Nicolas studierte Naturwissenschaften und Wirtschaft an der Universität Bern und in Spanien und schloss ein Executive MBA an der Universität Zürich ab.

Marcel Stoop, Head Testing

Marcel StoopAs Head Testing, Marcel Stoop is responsible for the business unit testing and has been working at SwissQ since February 2014. He has 20 years of experience in the IT industry, in the field of quality assurance and testing. He is especially active as a CTFL Trainer where he leads Foundation Level courses. Besides his activity as a trainer, he is active as an assessor. In this capacity, he conducts Maturity Examinations of test organization and test processes, thus helping to improve them. His field of activity also covers test management, where he accompanies and controls the testing in a variety of projects.

Frederike Braitinger, Head Communication & Conferences

Frederike Braitinger is responsible for the Conferences & Communications business unit since October 2018. With our conferences we inspire international participants with relevant topics from the SwissQ Business Units. The operational and strategic orchestration of all stakeholders of this unit and the further development of the formats, online and offline, make her heart beat faster. Prior to this, Frederike Braitinger founded the cross-media marketing for a Swiss management consultancy focusing on customer experience consulting. She experienced her customer love First Class in international sales in the airline business, which drives her daily to date. Think like a customer. Work like a butterfly.