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Achim Pogadl

Achim Pogadl, Agile Coach

Together, we get the right things out of the organization and its people to create an environment where innovation happens and performance is fun.

About me

As an Agile Coach, I address the needs of employees and organizations according to the situation, so that the jointly defined goals become achievable.

Especially in agile transformations, where waterfall meets agile, a coach is needed who understands both sides and can mediate between the worlds. My goal is that not only the processes of both worlds work together, but also that the agile mindset and principles permeate the entire organization so that there is a mutual understanding.

For me, an agile transformation is successful when not only frameworks are copied, but when these and the principles behind them are understood and lived. This is the only way to create an innovative and profitable environment for people and organization. I am happy to help with my experience.


  • As a coach I accompany people and organizations on their way through complex changes.
  • I support teams by practicing new principles together, understanding them and solidifying the new behaviors.
  • I am also happy to advise teams and leaders on how to implement agile principles and design agile transformations.


  • Coaching of teams and individuals
  • Filling the role of Scrum Master or Product Owner
  • Accompaniment of teams and organizations in their agile transformation