Agile - Team Coaching

Your team would like to adopt agile methodologies or you want to create an agile team from scratch? Agile promises the fast delivery of value to stakeholders and customers. “But how do we get off the ground quickly?” you’re asking yourself. Countless tasks await the team, the organisation expects a number of information and the team has to deliver results fast – where to start? We use a structured approch, based on the 4-Ps of product development: product, people, processes and place. Facilitated by one of our experienced coaches, the team finds answers to key issues based on good practices. The results are easy to communicate and can be refined iteratively. This typically includes:

  • Team building
  • Team enabling (methodology knowledge, e.g. Scrum oder Kanban)
  • Team processes (events, planning, DoD, DoR,…)
  • Stakeholder involvement and management
  • Vision, roadmap and Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Backlog Management and agile requirements engineering
  • Agile testing

Your team has already adopted Agile? But you’re asking yourself, why the expected results don’t materialise or why team collaboration isn’t working out as planned? Our coach helps to detect the pain points and develops solutions together with the team.

Contact us to find an approach that fits your needs.

Our services include:

  • Training team members and stakeholders
  • Implementing Scrum
  • Implementing Kanban
  • Coaching of teams in the use of agile methodologies
  • Facilitation of retrospectives and other ceremonies
  • Interim Scrum Master
  • Agile requirements engineering
  • Agile testing and DevOps