Agile - Agile Transformation

People are attracted to agile practices and frameworks because of their simplicity. However, adopting agile can sometimes be more difficult than anticipated. One of the reasons is that adopting agile requires a paradigm shift that has far reaching consequences for the existing organisation. Additionally, the agile initiatives are often started bottom-up in different areas of the  organisation and are therefore not aligned and coordinated towards a clear common organizational objective.

The challenges trying to spread agility within an organization are numerous: applying agile practices in development teams, developing the right skills for middle management, reorganizing duties, competences and responsibilities, setting goals and constraints instead of managing tasks, promoting self organisation, ability to deal with uncertainties for the yearly budgeting, etc.

C-Level managers, line managers, project managers or software developers: all have their own view what agile is. We will help you synthesize the different views into a holistic picture.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of the organization regarding state and progress of applying agile principles and practices using our Agile Fitness Check
  • Enabling C-Level managers, line managers and change agents to transform your organisation according to lean and agile principles
  • Evaluating the appropriate agile framework (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc.) and supporting tailoring to organisational needs
  • Consulting during adoption of agile frameworks: definition, coaching, training
  • Setup of agile requirements, release and test management
  • Supporting the implementation/transitioning in your organization