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Agile RE

We have often and intensely used agile methods. We filled desks with story maps, we managed and developed task boards, and we cut user stories in a way that it generated added value.

“The client receives what he was asking for.” The driving force is not functions or complex software but the value that can be produced thanks to the solution. That’s why we enable you to go live with the quintessence of your vision early on and subsequently extend it incrementally. We build a bridge between business and IT through the involvement of the business unit in agile methods. Our requirements engineers know how to prioritize and cut requirements in order to continually add value. Our experience allows us to recognize and eliminate unnecessary aspects by accurately and efficiently using classic methods.

Our expertise includes:

  • Analysis and management of product backlogs in complex projects (user stories, story maps, epics, portfolio maps etc.)
  • Cutting of user stories in compliance with their architecture aiming to continually generate business value
  • Integrated quality management by defining reasonable acceptance criteria in and correctly deducing test cases from user stories
  • Use of acceptance test driven development (ATDD) in Scrum projects
  • Establishment of a task board lived in practice and tailored according to your needs
  • Adoption of a Definition of Done (DoD) which can be met by the team and which promotes quality
  • Introduction of elements which serve your team and your organisation for continuous improvement