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Agile Leadership

Up until now, most enterprises have been organized in functional structures and optimized for efficiency. Digitization, however, is a game-changer: market conditions change fundamentally, new competitors enter the market swiftly. Entering the market and creating new markets is in many cases much easier today than it was years ago. Customers expect fast answers to quickly changing needs. They want to be involved in product development and provide feedback at marginal costs. To tackle these challenges, organizations must become agile in many aspects in order to thrive in these markets. Operational efficiency is outweighted by the need for fast time-to-market.

Traditional management approaches are increasingly failing in these market environments: decisions take way too long, customers are not closely involved in the development process, employee creativity and engagement is wasted. The growing shortage of specialists on the labour market aggravates the problem of missing innovation speed and fast customer response. Generations Y and Z expect a different leadership and more purpose-oriented working conditions. All these expectations must be mastered by management without loosing control. Leadership needs to change – but how?

Agile Leadership is about concepts, practices and models for agile teams and organizations. Its purpose is to support new forms of collaboration beyond functional silos based on networks of teams and maximum transparency. Agile Leadership fosters delegation of responsibilities and competencies to self-organizing teams, strong alignment and intrinsic employee motivation through: Autonomy – delegation and self-organization Mastery – develop knowledge workers, Purpose – providing direction and alignment.

Our services include:

  • Trainings: What is agile leadership all about and how can managers develop these skills? We combine theoretical inputs with our experiences from other companies and enable learning through exchange with other leaders.
  • Workshops: Together with you and your team, we develop approaches for management and team working agreements that fit your individual context. We contribute our experiences from other companies and provide hands-on support to tackle your challenges.
  • Coaching: We support your management to act as change agents for the new way of working, leading the way as role models. Together we develop objectives for the transformation, we define new structures, rules and guard rails for your organization to promote the new values, develop employees and foster their intrinsic motivation. A step-by-step approach based on fast learning cycles has proven beneficial to implement such change. We help you to stay focused and adaptive.