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Agile Coaches

We empower you on your agile path to success!

Successful companies create an environment in which people are motivated to achieve extraordinary results through meaningful goals and creative collaboration in teams and networks.

People are my passion! Being able to advise, bring together, motivate and coach them and their companies in the context of digital and agile transformations is what drives me.

Coaching, mentoring, facilitation and training for people who want to take a ride on the agile roller coaster.

Developing an organization together where performance is fun! Always with the experience for your customer in mind.

My desire is to prepare the ground for a creative and joyful collaboration of all stakeholders on which a digital transformation can be built.

My idea of a perfect day: putting the person behind the employee at the center. Inspiring our customers together as a team.

Together, we get the right things out of the organization and its people to create an environment where innovation happens and performance is fun.

With a lot of commitment, drive and creativity I help teams to develop their full potential and achieve their goals. In doing so, I am always guided by pragmatism: Frameworks are good, but people and quality are more important.

Problems are there to be solved and to grow from. This is only possible by collectively creating a culture of trust and continuous learning.

Discovering new paths together as a team, developing the potential of each individual and developing together as a team motivates and inspires me.

Using the right methodology to create the basis for a team to perform at its best. The focus here is on people – they should be able to celebrate personal and product-related successes together with the team.

“Probleme können nicht mit derselben Denkweise gelöst werden, durch die sie entstanden sind.”

“Wenn man etwas nicht einfach erklären kann, hat man es nicht verstanden.” – Albert Einstein

“Start with what you do now!” – Ich hole Menschen, Teams und Organisationen dort ab, wo sie gerade stehen.