ISTQB® Certified Tester | Expert Level – Improving the Test Process | Part 2

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  • Preis: CHF 2'700.-



We know where we want to go: now how do we get there? Part 1 of the course gave us the skills which enable us to select the right test improvement approach for a given situation, properly assess a test process using a variety of approaches and propose improvements which align to specific business goals. So far so good, but this does not guarantee success! Many test process improvement programs fail because the implementation runs into trouble. The improvement program is not organised as a project. We don’t have a realistic plan. We don’t have the right people with the right skills to guide and implement the improvements. People show resistance to change. Expectations are not managed properly. Costs and benefits are not measured. The list is long. Any one of these critical success factors can spell failure for the improvement program as a whole. Hence, in part 2 of the course we learn how to deal with the critical success factors when implementing test process improvement (in fact, anyone intending to make process changes will benefit from this part).

Target Group

  • Head Testing
  • Senior Testmanager
  • Quality and Process Manager


  • Lead test process improvement programs within an organization or project, and identify and manage critical success factors
  • Set up and implement a strategic policy for test process improvement
  • Create a test improvement plan which meets business objectives
  • Develop organizational concepts for improvement of the test process which include required roles, skills and organizational structure
  • Manage the introduction of changes to the test process
  • Apply soft skills to understand and manage the human issues associated with assessing the test process and implementing necessary changes


  • Establishing a test improvement plan
  • Managing and controlling the implementation (incl. pilots)
  • Organizing test improvement programs
  • Roles in test process improvement
  • Skills required by the test process improver/assessor
  • Managing change as a process, and with particular regard for human factors
  • Critical success factors
  • Establishing a culture of improvement


  • ISTQB® Certified Tester | Advanced Level – Test Manager Zertifikat

Course plan

  • 4 class room evening sessions in the evening
  • self-study of the course material and content
  • home work
  • exam preparation (within the class room evening sessions)