We are more agile!

We help to clarify the ambiguities, from visions to milestones to products.

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We are going deeper into it!

Our Requirements Engineers really are Requirements Engineers.

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We are testing further!

Our specialists know all the pitfalls in testing.

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We are SwissQ

We support companies in Agile, Requirements Engineering and Testing issues. Through our expertise, resources, assessments, methods and trainings we ensure, that the right solution is delivered within short time. Therefore we are relying on our team consisting of juniors and experts,  who share their interest and enthusiasm for IT projects and work together with our customers, partners and colleges highly motivated.

Agile Requirements Engineering – reicht der PO oder gibt es da mehr? Event am 23. September 2015

Finden Sie am 23. September 2015 heraus, was agile RE bedeutet. Lernen Sie die Methoden und Prozess kennen, die Sie zum Erfolg führen. Wagen Sie den Seiltanz und verbessern Sie Ihre Produkte durch agiles RE. Zur Anmeldung

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